Behind the YEAD project there are six organizations from Western European countries. They all are active in the sociocultural and visual fields and convinced that artistic practices are vectors for social inclusion and emancipation. The YEAD members belive that cultural policies and structures in Europe have to better reflect its cultural diversity. During the four years of project, the YEAD members worked with numerous cultural operators ready to take steps in that direction.


  • Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles


    Project leader - The Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles is an audiovisual operator active in the artistic field through documentary film production, and in the social field through information and awareness-raising film production, as well as the organisation of video workshops with vulnerable groups. Three principles are at the heart of our approach: culture as an essential vector of individual and collective emancipation, working with images as a fully-fledged language and a vital tool, and the active and full participation of the concerned audiences. CVB promotes socially committed cinema, both ethically and politically, where the humanity of individuals is simultaneously the driver and centre, delivering a cinema which shows other diverse and complex stories of the world with the purpose of contributing to a future with more justice and solidarity. CVB’s will is to work with people and not about people, to help in freeing the embedded speech which is too often distorted, and to encourage artists, directors, and young authors to share their views in order to listen and to see differently. At the heart of this practice is documentary cinema: to watch, to observe, to show, to analyse, and question the complexity of the real in an ethical and positioned way.

  • Alter Natives

    Alter Natives

    Alter Natives promotes inclusive and participative methods and practices in the field of cultural heritage. For several years, it has undertaken social and cultural projects benefiting the youth from 14 to 21 year old. Each project is developed with the active participation of the youngsters and starts from the social use of different cultural items as to question the current French society in order to reduce social, cultural and generational divisions.

  • Ao Norte

    Ao Norte

    AO NORTE – the Association of Audiovisual Production and Animation was founded in December 1994. It is a nonprofit association whose main objectives are audiovisual production and dissemination as well as cooperation for development in teaching, education and culture.

  • Fondazione ISMU

    Fondazione ISMU

    The ISMU Foundation is an independent scientific body promoting research, studies, activities, training, information on migrations inclusion and the arising phenomena on cultural diversity of multicultural contemporary societies. ISMU collaborates with national and European governmental institutions, local administrations, non-profit organizations, schools, trade unions, communication agencies. Many ISMU projects are addressed to young foreign people, coming from different cultures and languages. These projects aim to give them equal opportunities in order to have access to the Italian education and to the cultural heritage and the building of the European citizenship. Visual communication and videos are largely used in the activities as tools to promote inclusion and integration. Since 2005, Fondazione Ismu has been placing a strong emphasis on the potential contribution of heritage institutions in promoting intercultural exchange and understanding, by developing a new area of research/training/planning and by creating the on-line resource “Heritage and Interculture” (

  • Stichting En… Actie!

    Stichting En… Actie!

    Stichting En Actie (Foundation And... Action!) develops and realises creative approachable projects, mainly within the audio-visual field. And... Action! is said just before things are put in motion on a film set. We expect also “action” from our participants. We see ourselves as the ones that make sure that the circumstances in which this “action” takes place are well organized and will therefore leave a great impressions on the participants.

  • Regionale Arbeitsstelle für Bildung, Integration und Demokrati

    Regionale Arbeitsstelle für Bildung, Integration und Demokrati

    The RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is an independent provider and part of a nation-wide network of regional agencies. The RAA works politically as well as denominationally independently. We support the development of a democratic culture at schools, in youth work and in the community. Since the foundation of the association in 1999, our team is committed to this joint work with its various personal and professional backgrounds.