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  • This festival will be the opportunity to share the achievements and the conclusions of four years of reflections, exchanges and practices.

  • First part of the bilateral exchange between France and Italy. ISMU, our italian member, led a training workshop for young filmmakers and cultural operators in Milan and Turin, adressing an "inclusive acces to culture".

  • Young people from Rotterdam work on an inclusive acces to culture. They try to nuance the idea that museums are for old people and tourists only, they think of their own way of exhibiting objects and they question how museums could be more appealing for a similar audience.

  • Belgian local workshop to question an inclusive access to culture by bringing together artists, cultural operators and young people in order to make films from the visit of three contemporary arts museums.

  • National workshop from the portugese member of YEAD, to question an inclusive access to culture. It aims at strengthening the connection between local youngsters, the museums and cultural institutions by creating an interest  for the local cultural heritage and patrimony through the use of films as a form of expression in intercultural dialogue.

  • Annual seminar gathering the six members in order to draw conclusions from the different workshops (bilateral and local).Objective: to formulate recommendations and good practices.

  • A "Pilot Project" from the bilateral exchange between IT & FR, to bring young people closer to cultural heritage through film-making. It aims at promoting a new reciprocity between the Museo delle Culture and its diverse audiences, by encouraging young participants to convey a different image of the museum.