Local workshops

Creative video workshops are proposed in each of the member countries. They all offer the opportunity to become aware of the individual creative dynamic, of the legitimate right to expression, to culture. The workshops highlight the importance of that right and of the diversity of European culture.

The objective of this workshop is to introduce young people to creation by encouraging participative methods and also to develop their interest in culture in general.
The workshop is a space of dialogue, exchange and encounter. Everyone contributes his or her skills and know-how to the common project: individual and collective emancipation with due respect for the other’s culture.

The work will be articulated around an annual theme to arrive in July 2019 at a pooling of all the works during the international closing festival in July 2019.
The themes explore cultural diversity and democracy in Europe.

2016Inclusive access to culture
2017Cultural influence(s)
2018Immigrant audiences: Ex-/Inclusion
2019Conclusion: Young Cultural Audience Development

Associate Actions