Pax shooting at the Newcomer's cafe

Let's talk about exclusion - Rostock

First encouter of the bilateral exchange between Belgium and Germany on the topic of "immigrant audiences : In/Ex-clusion". Starting from the Rostock-Lichtenhagen of 1992, participants question the way immigrant cultures are considered and integrated by the population and by the culture on display both in Rostock and Brussels.

Questionning the way one refers to « The Other/The Stranger » in cultural productions in order to extend the particpant's reflections to the inclusive approaches that are undertaken into the concerned cities is the main objective of the workshop. In parallell, we question how participants stand regarding those realities and use it to feed their own movies, based on storytelling techniques.

From those explorations participants exchange on the realities of each country and develop stories destined to become videos that they begin in Germany to finish it in Brussels.

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